Hazmat Transportation

Premier Bulk Systems is a great choice for hazmat transportation. Premier Bulk is a specialist in liquid bulk chemical transportation which includes hazardous materials. Our people are well trained and safety and security in the transportation of hazardous materials, are of top concern at Premier Bulk Systems.

Hazmat Transportation Safety

Premier Bulk Systems employs many safety measures to ensure safety in hazardous materials transportation including:

  • In-house safety department
  • In-house maintenance department with a rigid maintenance program
  • Extensive driver orientation and training
  • Quarterly driver safety meetings

Hazmat Transportation Security

When it comes to hazmat transportation security goes hand in hand with safety. Premier Bulk is committed to operate within all security guidelines as outlined by the Government as well as internal and external regulations. Premier Bulk Systems employs the following security measures:

  • Trucks are GPS tracked by satellite, as well as, route and speed. So anomalies can be investigated.
  • Premier Bulk is C-TPAT certified
  • FAST certification
  • In house security department

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