Food Grade Bulk Transportation

Food Grade Bulk Transportation Experts

Premier Bulk Systems has years of experience with food grade bulk transportation.  We know you’re looking for a few key things in a food grade bulk carrier:

  • Cleanliness
  • Record Keeping
  • Secure Supply Chain
  • Kasruth Council certification to Kosher standard is available for certain dedicated food grader Kosher products


Our divers take pride in the equipment they drive.  In fact, each driver is responsible for the cleanliness of his own vehicle.  We provide wash bays at our facility and the drivers take pride in how clean their vehicles are every day.

Record Keeping

Premier Bulk Systems keeps meticulous records of clean-out, previously contained, and all other pertinent records for the safe shipment of food grade liquid bulk products.

Secure Supply Chain

Premier Bulk Systems makes every effort to secure the supply chain.  Our equipment is tracked by the latest technology.  We track our vehicles in real time for location and speed.  If a truck is off route we’ll know and can investigate immediately.  A secure supply chain from farm to fork is what we know you are looking for and we can help provide.

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