Fleet and Equipment

Tandem Axle Trailers

Tandem axle trailers are the major component of the Premier Bulk Systems fleet as they are well suited for cross border delivery operations. These tankers are single compartment, insulated and manufactured of stainless steel. Capacities range from 24,000 litres to 28,000 litres. (6,000 –7,200 US gallons approximately).

Quad Axle Trailers

Quad axle trailers most suitable for hauling larger loads throughout Ontario, Quebec and Michigan are also part of the fleet. These tankers are of 39,000 litre capacity, manufactured of stainless steel and are insulated.

Twin/Multi-Compartment Trailers

Twin compartment tankers are available, as well as some with three compartments. Food grade and Kosher standard tankers also form part of the fleet. Power units (tractors) are equipped with pumps and compressors that can be used for product unloading. All tanker cleaning is done at pre-approved outside facilities that meet the standards of Premier Bulk Systems.

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