About Us

A Message from the President

Thank you for visiting Premier Bulk Systems. As the Founder and President of Premier, I am very proud of all our dedicated drivers and staff members. Premier has one of the best transportation teams in the industry today. All of our people are professional and courteous individuals who I am proud to say are an integral part of our ever growing company.

Founded in 2001, Premier Bulk Systems has grown from one truck to the diversified fleet we have today. Our growth has been attributed to honesty, dedication & safety. With these attributes, the hard work and dedication of our team members puts Premier at the front of the line.

There is company provided training and safety awards are presented annually.

Our dedication to the safety of our employees, customers and the general public is of the utmost of importance. Premier will not compromise on safety at anytime.


Kevin Berry,
Premier Bulk Systems.


Quality Statements
“Together We Strive for Excellence”

  • Premier Bulk Systems’ intent is to provide to its customers a continuous safe means of transportation for all assigned products.
  • Through continuous commitment of all employees and management, Premier Bulk Systems will strive to provide a quality means of transportation to all customers.
  • Safe, quality transportation and distribution will be accomplished through dedication, training and communication by all employees and management.
  • Continuing education will always remain a primary responsibility of all employees and management.
  • Premier Bulk Systems is dedicated to family life and will strive to improve its employees’ family lives at any given opportunity.

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